Sunday, February 8, 2009


  • Maybe there isn't anything I *should* be doing...
  • Kids do things when they are ready to do them. We all do.
  • Kids can be trusted to know themselves better than we know them - and if we trust them - really trust them - and tune in to what they are showing us they need- we can follow their lead with the things that really matter and tune OUT all the "shoulds" and "need tos" and what ifs".
  • Freedom and connection beget trust and trustworthiness.
  • Teenagers can be trusted.
  • Believe in your child always and over anyone else on earth. Believe them, no matter what they say or how incredulous you feel.
  • We don't need to teach them anything...they are here ready to learn and just already ARE learning. Sometimes we get too busy "parenting" ie: teaching them something "they" say children need to learn that we forget to be there for the child and support what THE CHILD IS learning.
  • It is OK for your kids to be sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated with your choices or limits or just life. These feelings need to be as acceptable as excitement, joy, happiness. It takes as long as it takes for them to process these feelings. They cannot stop crying if they are still hurt, just because you told them to. The best way for you to help them is to just BE with them while they feel these feelings. Let your child BE.

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